Catapult Print · USA


Catapult has created additional capacity by halving its make-ready time and increasing the run speeds on the press. The outstanding ECG results produced by Bellissima* increased the pressroom’s utilization while reducing materials, ink and waste, allowing Catapult to offer customers the highest quality flexo at the best price.

System Print · Germany


In the past, we ran jobs like this using CMYK+2 spot colours. We were surprised at the results with Bellissima*; we achieved the target with a fixed palette of just CMYK! The brand owner sees this as a fantastic result as our production has reduced the use of inks and solvents to produce more environmentally friendly labels for the brand.

Petropack · Argentinien


ECG/Fixed Palette Printing helps us to reduce make-ready time and the number of plate changes significantly. With ECG /
Fixed Palette Printing alongside Bellissima* we can achieve constant print speeds and superior HD quality throughout the entire print run while also keeping make-ready time and waste to a minimum.

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