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Colex is a in Luxembourg based enterprise, founded by the two owners Alfred Schmitz and Mike Watgen in 2023.

Colex is sales partner of Hamillroad Software for Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) in the EU.


Colex combines ECG/Fixed Palette Printing with a revolutionary Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS), developed by Hamillroad Software UK ( for offset and flexographic printing. With this unique combination you will be able to print spot colours without spot colour inks. 


The ECG CMYK OGV colour gamut covers up to 95 % of the complete colour range.

Maximum Quality and Cost Efficiency

In today's dynamic printing industry, it's crucial to find innovative solutions that not only improve print quality but also increase cost efficiency. With Auraia halftone technology, we offer you precisely that opportunity.


Auraia halftone technology enables a significant reduction in ink usage by 12-18%. This saving isn't just invironmentally beneficial but also brings a substancial economic advantage to your business. Particularly considering the gradual phase-out of mineral oil-based inks in the printing industry, such savings are of great importance.


However, words alone cannot convey the power of Auraia. That's why we warmly invite you to see our print samples in a personal meeting. These clearly demonstrate the difference between conventional AM screening and Auria's advanced technology.


We believe so strongly in Auraia's effectiveness that we suggest conducting tests on your own printing machine without having to modify or interfere with your current workflow. These tests will not only validate the quality of our claims but also allow you to witness the impressive results firsthand.


Would you like to learn more about how Auraia can transform you web offset printing business? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and print tests. Together, let's shape the future of printing.


Auraia DMS

Digitally Modulated Screening

FM Screening

WHAT IS ECG / Fixed Palette Printing?

Expanded Color Gamut/Fixed Palette Printing is the practice of using a set of 4 or more inks - typically 7 to achieve a larger color gamut than that of CMYK. Expanded Color Gamut/Fixed Palette Printing is a cost-effective alternative to spot color printing.


The advantages using DMS with Fixed Palette Printing are numerous and will have positive impacts in print production, cost saving and on the environment.


Production topic


You will not have to proceed to ink changes anymore.

You will benefit from reduced and quicker changeovers.

You will enjoy faster make-readies.

You will be able to gang multiple jobs.

Financial topic


You will reduce the ink and inventory costs.

You will reduce the ink storage.

You will benefit from reduced capex.

You will be able to compete with digital.

You will be able to benefit from cost-effective short runs.

Environmental topic


You will need less solvents.

You will have less ink to recycle.

You will reduce your energy usage.

You will reduce transport.


It sounds like Colex is offering a comprehensive solution for companies looking to transition from traditional offset and flexography infrastructure to ECG/Fixed Palette Printing-DMS. This package includes an analysis of the current system and on-site consulting to make the switch as smooth as possible.


By simplifying the printing process and reducing pro-duction costs, Colex claims to offer benefits such as  faster response times, reduced ink usage, less labor-intensive processes, reduced waste, and a greener approach with fewer volatile emissions. Additionally, Colex asserts that their solution will also help to reduce Capex costs with increased press capacity and a smaller ink store.


If you‘re interested in learning more about this package or exploring how Colex could help your business, they encourage you to contact them.


In this video you will learn more about the revolutionary Digital Modulated Screening (DMS), developed by Hamillroad Software UK.

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